My world of wines: More than 20 years of cooperative winemaking as opposed to competitiveness. Collective experiences with colleagues from other locations and continents. Grown friendships and profound structures have shaped a consequential and corporate wine philosophy. More than 50 vintages vinified and always with new motivations. Thinking & Acting in constructive Processes. Pursuit of best quality from growing until bottling. Countless personal experiments enriching the fund of experience. The Palatinate: My roots are here. With its long tradition of viniculture it´s the perfect terrain for innovators and conservatives alike. The wine enthusiast finds here both a playground and a terroir, which one finds expressed in uncompromising wines. The Project: Dorst & Co. like Consortium member. Like Competence,  Cooperation, Competition, Concentration, Communication. Collective wine amusement in culinary combination. A range of wines, combining both traditional methods with innovation. The wines of the collaborator aren´t commercial, although consumer-friendly they might be. There are various Co-Productions with winemaker colleagues.
DORST & CONSORTEN Vinos con Corazón . Más de 20 años de cooperación en la vinificación en lugar de competitividad. Experiencias colectivas con colegas de otros lugares y continentes. Cultivando amistades y profundas estructuras que de una forma consecuente han creado una filosofía conjunta de realizar vino. Más de 50 vendimias que siempre han conllevado nueva motivación. Pensando y actuando en procesos constructivos, para alcanzar la mejor calidad desde el crecimiento de la planta hasta la botella. Incontables experimentos han conformado base de la experiencia.